Like everyone I’ve been amazed by what the digital world is made of, and what it can offer us as an added value to our daily life. Don’t get me wrong I’m still amazed even as a senior computer engineering student. I’m a Moroccan youngster who always had a dream of becoming a computer scientist, my first most real step was joining the Higher School of Technology in Essaouira, yes, where the journey started. I mainly address my talk to the newbies, computer engineering students and whoever wants to follow this path :

1. It's not easy

Demotivating you guys will never be my intention, but all I’m saying here: you’ll face some obstacles and it’s normal as one of my professors used to say:

If it was easy, everybody would be doing it

2. Always know that you know nothing

Always remember, whatever level you are, whatever knowledge you have, you still don’t know a thing, you must always have that hunger for more, it’s never enough, it’s never satisfying, the passion and the curiosity are what going to make you excel!

One thing only I know, and that is that I know nothing — Socrates

3. You will lose it

The journey of a student, generally, will surely have some moments of loneliness, sometimes you lose your guiding light and sometimes you lose even the passion to do things you love, that’s totally normal, and that’s why you should take a break from time to another, you’re not a robot, do sports, go on a trip or even watch a movie then you’ll have it back.

4. Never compare yourself with others

Comparing yourself with others is a double-edged sword, it may build you up as it may destroy you down, I choose not.

It’s good to look up to people but you always have to keep in mind what they had to sacrifice in the process.

One more thing about this, you're different it must be your way of doing things.

5. Your circle is important

The lone wolf methodology mainly won’t help you in your journey, your friends are a very important factor in your progress, choose them carefully so they will be one of your boosters.

6. Professors are only there to guide you

Learning things by yourself is exactly what is going to make a difference, you must not wait for the school to give it all to you, once you know the way, the searching for information should be yours to do.


I want you to know that as long as you love what you do you’ll be doing just great !

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